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b. 1999, Morecambe, UK.

Lives and works in Manchester.



Adam Rawlinson graduated with a first class BA Hons degree from the University of Salford in 2023. He has exhibited work in London and Glasgow as well as around Manchester and Salford, including at the Haworth Gallery at Chethams School of Music and at Salford Art Gallery. He has work currently publicly displayed in his hometown of Morecambe and has exhibited in the 20:20 print exchange with Hot Bed Press, which exhibits nationally and internationally. 


Artist Statement

Rawlinson is an abstract painter working primarily in oils. His practice is underpinned by research into Lichens. He takes interest in their often-unnoticed and underappreciated significance within our ecology, highlighting the extent of our vital relationship with everything that makes up life on earth. He uses this as a basis for philosophical enquiry, leaning upon existentialism and phenomenology to explore what it means to be ‘alive’ while pursuing an investigation into our place within the world around us, focusing on both the individual and collective experience. 


Alluding to natural environments in his large-scale paintings, Rawlinson uses abstraction as a vehicle to examine and explore the ineffable within nature, through a particular emphasis on mark making and how the materiality of the paint and its application can communicate these ideas. By building up an image, through a range of painterly techniques, he manipulates the act and experience of looking, placing the viewer in a position, both physically and metaphorically, to give life to his paintings.  His works are spaces of contemplation, where people come face to face with paintings that encourages reflection, of which confronts and challenges existing human behaviours.


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